Most people believe that if you offer someone enough money they will promote your business.
Although this could be true in some cases, you will discover that most people you want to joint venture with are not interested in a quick profit, they are more interested in their customer ‘s welfare. No one with their right mind will promote a product that offers no value to their customers for any amount of money.
So than ,what do you need to do to make sure people you approach will want joint venture with you? ,so let’s look at the things you need to have so a list owner wont refuse you when approached for joint venture business.

1. UNIQUE CONTENT: For you to be accepted by any list owner, you most make have rich content that is totally different to what others are selling. No one would want to promote your product if there is a product out there with the same content.
You most give your potential joint venture partner the opportunity to look at your product, not a preview but a full free copy. If you allow them buy your product, they may refuse your offer.

2. A CONVERTING SALE’S LETTER: This is very important. No nobody would want to promote your product if the sale’s letter does not convert visitors. If they discover that your sale’s letter doesn’t pull enough customers, they will probably never joint venture with you again. So before you approach anyone for joint ventures, make sure your sale’s letter is a converter.
You can use google adwords or overture to check its conversion rates. If your product is under $100, a good conversion rate is 1% and over (Everyone 1 or more people out of 100 to your site buy your product).

3. HIGH COMMISSION: Money is not everything, but is important. Many affiliates will not want to promote your product if the commission is very little for a sale. Affiliates will want to make at least $20 per sale and be given at least 50% of the sales, however, you can use this as a guide.

4. AFFILIATE TOOLS: If you can create marketing material for your affiliates to use so they don’t have to create it themselves, they will be happy.
So what type of things should you put in your affiliate tool kits?
a) Articles
b) Google adword ads
c) Overture ads
d) E-book covers
e) Personal recommendation letters (Article that look like a review of your product that the affiliate has written)
f) Ezine ads (classified and solo ads)
g) Head lines
h) Banners

5. FOLLOW UP: If someone comes to your site and doesn’t buy from you on the first visit, you should be able to get their email address so you can contact them at later date.
This also helps your affiliates because they also won’t lose out on sales.

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