The steps I want to share with you can help you  earn very fast in promoting affiliate programs.

Here are the steps;

  1. Choose 3,4 or 5 affiliate programs

2. Write articles based around all those affiliate programs and put your affiliate  links to            them

3.In your articles by line place your auto responder links, so people could sign up for                your course

4.Submit your articles to hundreds of Ezine publishers which you can find at                and

This above steps will do the following:

The articles will produce you money in sales. The articles by-line which you place your auto responder link, people will sign up, with this names you can sale them another products from Resell Rights. And you will also be earning every month for doing nothing as other people promote your articles without you asking them to do so.

As people sign up under you, and as they sale those products, you still earn commission from their hard work, and this is known as 2- tier affiliate programs, this makes you extra money every month with no web site of your own.

This will cost you nothing to set up and the advertising is free and every thing is PURE PROFIT.


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